型 号:030

direct operated
for low pressure gas, according to EN 161
3/8 - 1/2

• For gas pilot and gas burner control on industrial atmospheric and forced draught
burners, also used in kilns and furnaces in process industries
• All valves have been type tested to EN 161 and satisfy the European gas
appliance directive (90/396/EC) as amended by 93/68/EEC
Certifi cate of conformity British Gas No. BG/EC-87/95/166/M1
• All valves are for class A group 2 service and cover gas family 1 and 2
• All valves are suitable to withstand 150 mbar back pressure
• Brass bodied, low pressure valves designed to provide maximum fl ow
• Direct lift valves with resilient soft seating for tight shut-off
• The solenoid valves do not require a minimum operating pressure